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Who Are We?

Bracane Company was founded in 2002 by experienced industry professionals to dispel the myths of clinical research in minority populations, address health disparities in underserved populations and create an alternative solution to traditional clinical research outsourcing.

Bracane Company provides clinical research trial services and monitoring of health programs, wellness behaviors and outcomes research.

Our team consists of medical and business professionals with decades of experience in their respective areas of expertise.

We work with a number of U.S. government agencies and private companies. Our international experience includes health assessments for villages in Ghana and monitoring of clinical research facilities in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Our core values have been the pillar of success for Bracane Company, Inc. since inception.

  • We perform high-quality, honest work for our clients.
  • Everything we do must be in our clients’ best interests internally and externally.
  • We provide the technical expertise, regulatory compliance and current technologies relevant to the businesses we serve.
  • We deliver what we promised when we promised we would.
  • Our associates are proud of the work we do and the people around us.
  • We reinvest in the business, our associates and our communities for long-term sustainability.

Advisory Committee

Our advisory committee is consists of industry professionals, community leaders and small business advocates that provide strategic advice to our management team.

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