With a team of fully trained professionals, we can manage your clinical trials from startup throughout phase I - IV trials. We also offer complete training and ongoing support for new physicians and study coordinators. We have the expertise and the resources to support your needs, no matter how varied or complex. Do you need assistance with any of the following?

  • Pre-Study/Qualification Visit – We can initiate a comprehensive assessment of the clinical research site and staff capabilities, and evaluate the site’s ability to comply with FDA regulations, GCP’s and general conduct of clinical trials
  • Clinical Monitoring Initiation Visit – We can provide a review of protocol, regulatory documents, case report forms, enrollment requirements, investigation drug and responsibilities with regard to clinical trials
  • Interim Clinical Monitoring Visit – With a focus on quality, we can conduct ongoing clinical monitoring throughout a clinical trial. From reviewing compliance needs to ongoing regulatory and protocol adherence, we can assist your organization throughout all phases of a clinical trial
  • Close-out Visit – When a clinical trial is ready for completion, let us perform the final retrieval of all data and review your documentation to ensure accountability

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