Whether it’s training you need or someone to perform the role of a clinical research project manager, Bracane Company can assist your organization. We know how essential this role is in the management of effective clinical trials.

Do you need any of the following services?

  • Contract Negotiation – Negotiation site needs, payment or outsourcing services
  • Contract Management – Tracking, oversight and execution of contracting needs
  • Outsourcing Management – Maintaining and executing oversight and management of outsourcing staff and services
  • Timeline Tracking – Ensuring milestones and deadlines are tracked accordingly throughout the clinical trial
  • Trip Report Review and Submission – Managing the visit documentation and accurate submission to the client
  • Quality Assurance – Auditing research documents for adherence to compliance standards

Let our experienced professionals help your organization with your ongoing quality assurance, site audits and other compliance issues related to site management.

Bracane Company offers fast principal-investigator selection for efficient study startup and a full staff of experienced researchers who can assist with trial procedures and management.

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